The Wireless Arthroscopy Device at the Global OR.

Some 300 universities and hospitals from all five continents took part on Tuesday 17th of September in a surgery session with Google Glass combining two pioneering technologies: the use of wireless arthroscope (WAD) and the autologous chondrocyte implant.  This master class was lectured by Dr Pedro Guillén, from Clínica CEMTRO, thanks to the technological development the Spanish company Droiders carried out on Google Glass by way of its own purposely-designed Glassters Streamer system.


” We believe with this experience, a mile-stone concept of what could be termed as a unique and global surgery room system has been established” Dr Guillén confirmed. “This surgery conveys a significant innovation and a relevant breakthrough with respect to other previous experiences for several reasons. To start with, it’s the first time ever Google glasses have been truly applied to their original purpose in a training concept”.  Surgery was performed using CEMTRO’s own WAD technology, a medical device hatched by Dr. Guillén which, thanks to its Wi-Fi transmission technology, gets rid of the need for any cables whatsoever when performing arthroendoscopies. “Something which perfectly suits surgeons”, Dr. Guillén comments “providing them with more freedom of movement, the possibility of working in ill-supported areas (rural domains, field hospitals…) while also reducing costs and infections”.

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