WIRELESS ARTHROSCOPY DEVICE. The future of arthroendoscopy


Class I Medical Device

The Wireless Arthroscopy Device (WAD©) comprises three elements, two of which adapt to an arthroendoscopy lens element using a standard lens set: a high definition camera WAD©HDC and a light source WAD© LS. The captured image is wirelessly sent to a portable computer where a standard visualizing software may be used to watch it, as well as our specifically developed WAD©IDRS for OSX.

The full WAD©HDC, WAD© LS and WAD©IDRS set, necessary to perform an arthroscopy, fits in nothing more than  a small form factor case together with other surgery instrumental and a portable computer.


WAD© HDC is a High Definition, compact size and lightweight video camera, fully sealed so as to sustain sterilization by immersion procedures, without any kind of electrical conductive connection and an easy-to-handle design.

Obtained images are compressed and formatted so that they can be reproduced by visualizing software on a PC.

Camera includes an induction rechargeable battery so, once again, wireless technology is at hand.

WAD©LS is an adjustable brightness, lightweight, high performance LED light source which couples up with the Optic fibre output coming from the arthroendoscopy lens. WAD© LS has been designed and manufactured using a fully-sealed concept in order to allow sterilization by immersion methods to be safely applied and also comes with an induction rechargeable battery as well as with a contactless power switch system.


Images taken by the WAD©HDC may be watched on a PC using any freely available visualizing software or our specifically designed WAD©IDRS software for OSX which allows specific image parameters to be controlled, as well as choosing between still and video images using the capacitive buttons on the WAD©HDC.

Once visualizing software has been launched, video images are streamed by connecting to the WAD©HDC’s URL showing nicely flowing, lag-free images.





The WAD© arthroscope has been designed so that all surgical accessories are made up of compact, lightweight easy-to-assemble components all of which can be easily transported in a small profile briefcase.  The full WAD© device, together with an arthroscopy lens and a laptop weighs-in at just under 2kgs.


All of WAD©’s components have been seal-proof designed and manufactured, making their sterilization and cleaning by immersion a safe and simple process while germs find it hard to attach to any gasket or gap. Being wireless, there are no structures stretching over the surgical field thus reducing chances of germs being dragged into it.


Creating a wireless device provides many advantages, mainly surgeons’ manoeuvrability, allowing them to reduce the number of elements moved about and over the surgical field as well as conferring freedom to the angular positions in order to orientate the lens adequately.


The WAD© arthroscope, fully assembled weighs under 400grs., making it highly manoeuvrable at the OR, allowing for easy handling by surgeons and effortlessly carried around.

At hand

Using the WAD© arthroscope is a cost-effective alternative to using arthroscopy towers, paving the path for surgeons to start considering the realistic and not-so-far-off option of performing this type of surgery away from ORs: humanitarian help areas with upset supplies, field hospitals in war zones or pitch-level assistance in sports.

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